Lewiston residents are calling for peace after another shooting on Friday night. Police say no one was injured in the Friday night incident. Credit: CBS 13

Horton Street neighborhood residents say they want the violence to end after a Friday night shooting in which police say no one was injured.

“No one wants to see them die, and we’re tired of all this,” said John Vallee, a lifelong resident of Lewiston.

He said this isn’t the first shooting in the vicinity of Horton and Walnut streets, and this will only change if the police step up safety measures.

“That’s the only way. People need to speak up. It would take the rest of the community to do something,” he said.

Residents who witnessed Friday night’s shooting said they want their street to be safe.

“Everybody wants to walk the street. Everybody wants to walk down to the store and get exercise, but if you have this every day, how are you going to get around?” Ann Boswell said.

Residents said regardless of who started shooting, they want the whole community to take a stand against the violence.

“I want to tell those boys to stop it. Life isn’t supposed to be sad and bitter like this,” Boswell said.

Lewiston police continue investigating the shooting. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Lewiston Police Department.

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