Police charged each of five young men with theft by unauthorized taking on July 14 for allegedly trying to steal this sign from atop the now closed Bee-Jays Tavern in Fort Kent. Police recovered the detached sign at the scene and notified the owners. Credit: Jessica Potila | SJVT

FORT KENT, Maine — A group of friends may have made a little too much noise this weekend when they allegedly attempted to steal as a souvenir a sign from atop the now defunct Bee-Jays Tavern in Fort Kent.

Officer Connor Lapierre responded at 1:10 a.m. Saturday morning to a report of people yelling outside the Main Street bar, which permanently closed its doors June 30 after 47 years in business.

Upon his arrival, Lapierre found “a group who were in the process of taking a sign off the roof at Bee-Jays,” according to Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier.

One of the men told police that he felt the sign would make a good souvenir, according to the chief.

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