Credit: Stock image | Pexels

LEWISTON, Maine — Friends of a Maine woman who was stabbed to death outside a downtown Lewiston laundromat say she was stalked.

Police have charged 76-year-old Albert Flick with murder in the death of 48-year-old Kimberly Dobbie. Police say her 11-year-old twins witnessed the Sunday morning attack.

Two of Dobbie’s friends tell the Sun Journal that Flick became upset and began stalking their friend when she turned down his romantic advances. It’s not known if Flick has a lawyer. He’s due for his first court appearance on Wednesday.

Court records indicate Flick killed his wife, Sandra Flick, stabbing her 14 times in 1979. He was released in 2000. Eight years ago, a judge who sentenced Flick to prison again said he’d soon be too old to pose a threat to society.

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