Demand Trump’s resignation

I’m writing this letter in the vain hope that Sen. Susan Collins will stand up as an American and demand the resignation of this obviously traitorous creature that is in residence in the White House. In all my 74 years, I never ever dreamed in my worst nightmare that we would have a sitting president openly call our entire intelligence community to be liars and at the same time declare to the world at large that he believes the president of Russia over them.

At some point in time, and I believe this is that time, we need someone to stand up and be heard who loves this country more than their party. Collins needs a Margaret Chase Smith moment. This country needs a Margaret Chase Smith moment.

May God have mercy on us all as a nation. I hope and pray we survive this stain on our country.

Thomas Bonner


Trump shames America

In light of the recent meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, I am thankful that my father, a lifelong Republican (when the Grand Old Party was deserving of respect) and an intelligence officer in the Navy, left this earth before witnessing the election of Trump to the presidency. My father would have been absolutely appalled and outraged by the comments and tone that Trump communicated after his summit with Putin this week.

Trump’s words were treasonous and deserve the full condemnation of Congress and all Americans who still believe that our democracy is worth preserving. I am disgusted by the spineless reaction of the Republican members of Congress, especially the repugnant and perfidious comments of Sen. Rand Paul. Trump and his Republican sycophants are bringing shame and disgrace to our country and my father, and all those who served in our military to protect and preserve our democracy deserve better than this.

Sara Hessler


The McConnell candidate

So maybe we should believe President Donald Trump when he says “everybody knows” there was no collusion, cooperation or consorting between his campaign and the Russians.

But does anyone think that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would have delayed the nomination of a Supreme Court justice until “after the election” unless there was a good probability that Hillary Clinton would not win the 2016 election? And where did he get that message?

Steve Colhoun


Golden for Congress

I met Jared Golden on several occasions while he ran in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District race. He struck me as being astute and forthright in his apprehension of the problems facing America and the people of Maine.

When I asked him if he would support legislation to legally require all candidates running for president of the United States to submit their tax returns for public perusal, his answer was an emphatic yes. I also asked Golden whether, if he were elected to Congress, all of his offices in Maine would be handicap accessible. Again, he answered with an emphatic yes. As a veteran myself, I could discern that his military experience taught him the importance caring for the people he was responsible for in the field.

The November election is critical to the people of this nation. We need a congressman to represent us who is for the people because he is of the people. I support Golden for congressman from the 2nd District. I look forward to voting for him in November, and I urge the people of the 2nd District to support him in his effort to represent all of the people of Maine.

David Ziemer