Trump unfit for office

More than a year into the Mueller investigation, there are things we do not know: for example, whether Donald Trump had knowledge of the Russians’ interference in the 2016 election. We do, however, know that the Russians used technology to strike at the heart of what makes us a democracy: our free and fair elections. We know that they did so with the intention of harming one candidate and helping the other. We also know that more than 30 have been indicted on or have pled guilty to charges stemming from the Mueller investigation.

And as of the summit in Helsinki, we know that we have a president who will refuse to denounce Russia’s actions and prioritize maintaining closeness with Vladimir Putin over standing up for the country he is supposed to lead. We have a president who will, on an international stage, refuse to answer whether he believes the American intelligence community, and will instead seem to support Putin’s idea of a joint U.S.-Russian investigation of the offense that Russia committed — one which would give Russia latitude to interrogate American intelligence personnel.

These are facts. It’s true we don’t know everything about what happened in 2016. But don’t we have enough damning information to convince Americans that this president is unfit for office? This November, we have a chance to elect a Congress who will hold President Trump accountable for his actions, and I hope all Americans will embrace that chance. I think it is our duty.

Regina Rooney


Herbig for Maine Senate

I am writing in support of Erin Herbig, who is running as a Democrat for the Maine Senate in November. I have listened to Herbig talk about her beliefs and her passion for the people of Waldo County. Herbig strives to listen to people, and wants to create opportunities within the community in order to help it grow and create jobs.

Herbig not only has strong family ties within the community, but she also has strong convictions and a commitment to issues such as lowering property taxes through proper state funding of our schools, creating student debt relief programs and bringing a community college to Waldo County so people can obtain an education or learn a trade. She supports affordable child care, health care and family leave. Herbig has compassionately spoken of and pursued much-needed access for those with intellectual disabilities. While in the Maine House of Representatives, she has served as House chair of the Aging Caucus, attempting to help aging individuals to continue living independently.

I believe Herbig, as our state senator, would continue to provide a much-needed voice in our state’s leadership.

Debra Crosby

Stockton Springs

America deserves better than Kavanaugh

Imagine for a minute you could go back in time. What would you do? You might imagine spending more time with loved ones, getting involved in better hobbies and taking time to really examine your surroundings. However, you would not imagine the suffering from the past.

Same-sex couples hiding their love from passers-by, immigrants being shouted out of stores, and young women being separated from their families after conception only to pass several months later from a botched abortion and lack of health care. This is the world we may live in if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh is a judge on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and was added to President Donald Trump’s pre-approved list for Supreme Court nominees last year, having passed the president’s “litmus tests” on overturning Roe v. Wade and striking down critical protections in our current health care system. He frequently sides with big business and corporations over the interests of the American people, which is proven in his part by his dissents in court cases upholding net neutrality and provisions of the Affordable Care Act. He also maintains that a sitting president should be exempt from criminal proceedings while in office.

The American people want a justice who can provide a proper check-and-balance system and who will hold the president accountable for his actions. The American people want a justice who will help us to look forward to a more harmonious union. The American people deserve better than Kavanaugh.

Nolan Molli