Lt. Brian Harris, right, commander of the Maine State Police Troop F division in Houlton, and Lt. William Greaves, regional forest ranger, show off one of the new plaques and trees that were erected at the state police barracks to honor two fallen comrades. The plaques were placed in memory of Detective Glenn Strange of the MSP and Ranger Jeremiah Crockett. Credit: Joseph Cyr | Houlton Pioneer Times

HOULTON, Maine — Law enforcement officers never forget a fallen comrade. And now, thanks to the efforts of Maine State Police and Maine Forest Rangers, the memories of Detective Glenn Strange and Forest Ranger Jeremiah Crockett will live on for many years to come.

“The idea for planting a tree came about originally from community members talking to Maine Forest Service forester Dan Jacobs about doing something special to honor Ranger Jeremiah Crockett,” said Robby Gross, a district forest ranger with the Maine Forest Service Division of Forest Protection. “Ranger Crockett meant a great deal to the Maine Forest Service and in particular the southern Aroostook area. He was involved in several programs that focused on fire and forest management and led many projects to better the common good.”

As discussions moved forward, the decision was made to approach the Maine State Police to see if a tree could be planted at the Troop F barracks, as that office also serves as the main office for the local forest rangers.

“Last year, one of our forestry wardens came to me with the idea of planting a tree for Jeremiah,” said Lt. Brian Harris, commander of the Maine State Police Troop F division. “I felt if we were going to do one tree, a second tree for Det. Glenn Strange would be nice.”

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