No right to prohibit abortion

Donald Mendell is very critical in his July 17 letter to the editor of two reasonable pieces, a column written by David Farmer and an editorial by the BDN, both of which I read. He focuses on the lack of mention of “child” and “baby,” etc. “In terms of ending a human life, both Farmer and the BDN are most cold and clinical in their adherence to a false political narrative.”

Unfortunately, many opinions written about abortion focus on how terrible it is to perform abortions and end a human life. Yet, the other side of the issue is making a law to prevent a woman from having an abortion. Personally, I can understand those who do not like abortions. However, as a general surgeon for many years, I can tell you that pregnancies can lead to death and illnesses of the mother. And I know that decisions to have unprotected intercourse are often not made by considered thought, especially by teenagers who have difficulty controlling their passions. And having a baby is probably one of the most important and consequential decisions that a person can make in his or her life.

What I fiercely oppose is people like Mendell thinking that somehow they have a right to tell others that they cannot have an abortion.

William Babson Jr.


Where is the outrage?

On April 18, 77 Democrats, independents and Greens forced a bill — LD 1904 — to die in our Legislature that would have protected girls under the age of 18 from having their genitals mutilated by having their labia, clitorises or both removed surgically to ensure they do not ever experience sexual pleasure.

No Republican voted to allow this bill to die. Rep. Christopher Babbidge, D-Kennebunk, Rep. Norman Higgins, I-Dover-Foxcroft, and Rep. Catherine Nadeau, D-Winslow, also did not vote to allow this bill to die. Thanks to all of them.

Where is the outrage? Where are the protestors with their signs about the long-term trauma that will be caused by this physical and sexual assault on these children? This should not be a partisan issue — but obviously it is. Why? These young girls did not consent to their mutilation, nor are they mature enough to do so if asked.

If you support female genital mutilation by your silence, do not dare to call yourself a feminist or a supporter of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. My heart cries for these girls.

Barbara Danis


A question for Poliquin

I’ve sent emails to Rep. Bruce Poliquin asking a question. I have received form letters telling me how wonderful he is. Never a response to my letters.

Here’s a question for my representative who can’t represent me if he doesn’t know what I think: Many people have left the Trump team. How long after each left did he or she stop receiving money from the government?

Charlie Cameron


A Margaret Chase Smith moment

This is Sen. Susan Collins’ Margaret Chase Smith moment. Does she have the courage?

Philip C. Groce