Trooper Timmy Saucier's cruiser camera recorded this video seconds before his car collided with this moose near Ashland in Aroostook County in 2013. Credit: Courtesy of Maine State Police | MAINE STATE POLICE

HOULTON, Maine — In Aroostook County, encountering animals such as a moose and deer on the roadway is a fact of life.

But Aroostook County Commissioners on July 17 expressed concern about the number of County employees having accidents with wildlife during their workday travels.

“We had 13 [insurance] claims [filed] for Aroostook County over the past three years, and more than half of them were because the employee hit an animal on the roadway,” County Administrator Ryan Pelletier said during the commissioners’ meeting in Houlton. “They have hit deer, bear and moose.”

All of the counties in Maine are self-insured through the Maine County Commissioners Association, which provides property, casualty and liability insurance.

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