Poliquin’s disservice to anglers

As a small-business owner who relies on healthy fish populations, I am disappointed to see Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s vote supporting HR 200. Re-authorizing the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the federal law governing fisheries management in federal waters, is crucial to keeping populations of fish intact for current and future generations.

For the past four decades, we have taken a bipartisan approach to fisheries management. Countless people in Maine depend on healthy fish populations that are managed for the benefit of all. HR 200 puts our fisheries at risk to overfishing and results in a huge step backward in fisheries management. HR 200 weakens the science-based management approach that has been so effective in managing saltwater fish species and helping many overfished populations recover. HR 200 increases access to overfishing and blindly serves the bottom line of certain large outdoor companies that want to sell more motors, boats and fishing equipment.

Poliquin’s “yes” vote on HR 200 sends a clear message that Maine’s 2nd Congressional District representative doesn’t support science-based fisheries management that aims to keep healthy fish populations intact for generations to come. Both recreational and commercials anglers are being done a disservice by Poliquin’s vote.

Kyle Schaefer

Kittery Point

Ditch public works department

Most towns in Maine do not have their own public works department. I strongly suggest the Brunswick Town Council consider becoming a conservative voice for our taxpayers, and eliminate that department.

I would keep a public works director to oversee all operations all year long to be sure we are getting our money’s worth. Also for the first year, I would suggest we keep all of that department’s assets, just in case this did not work out. It would really help to delete our public works department, so we can save some money and keep our taxes lower.

If the town councilors are not fiscally responsible and do not wish to try this option, then that would mean we will always have a public works department. The department definitely needs a new building and equipment; their place is a dump, and has been for more than 50 years. I do give that department credit for not crying to the council over the years about getting a new building, like the current fire chief did on his first meeting with the council when he was hired.

The town councilors have not been fiscally conservative for many, many years. Money is no factor to them, and especially the school board. We either delete public works or build them a new modern facility.

Bill Perreault


Put Collins out of office

Are you “woke”? Something satanic going on in Maine. Maine women historically never would have aborted their babies. Sen. Susan Collins has shamed us as Maine women and intimidated many of us in my opinion.

In the past, Catholic Democratic women would have been horrified at the killing of innocents. The party has changed, and now Democrats support abortion. Catholics are shifting to Republicans because of their position on abortion. Collins should become a Democrat, not a RINO Republican because of her stand on this issue.

Stand up, women of God, and put her out of office. Women for life can do it.

Noreen Liebmann