Alicia Mitchell of Rumford describes a dog attack that sent her and her two teenage daughters to the hospital Wednesday in an interview with CBS 13. Credit: CBS 13

A Rumford mother says she and her two teen daughters were hospitalized after a “horrifying” dog attack Wednesday.

Police say they got a call to a duplex residence on Erchles Street in Rumford, with reports of multiple people being attacked by a loose dog.

Just outside the residence there are still blood stains left over from the attack.

One victim says she was bitten in the leg trying to get the next-door neighbor’s dog off of her 17- and 18-year-old daughters.

Alicia Mitchell says it was a frightening situation.

“Oh my god, was it horrifying,” Mitchell said. “My daughter, my oldest daughter Ashley, who’s in surgery, had a big hunk of flesh just hanging from her leg.”

Police say they were able to arrive and use a Taser on the dog with the help of a nearby neighbor holding the dog down.

Despite the injuries, Mitchell says both her and her daughters are glad it didn’t happen to anyone else in their neighborhood.

“It could have been any of these kids, they got little kids over here, they got little kids up the street, they got, it could have been any of those little kids, I just thank god it wasn’t,” Mitchell said. “That’s what my daughter said to me, ‘Mom I’m just glad it happened to us, and not one of the smaller children here.’”

Both daughters are now at Central Maine Medical Center.

Police didn’t give any word on what happened to the dog’s owner, but says the dog is now under quarantine.

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