In this June 26, 2018 photo, vacationing tourists stroll along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean near The Pier in Old Orchard, Beach, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty | AP

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — Officials say a new restroom trailer has cut down on complaints of Maine beachgoers relieving themselves near Old Orchard Beach and on private property.

Old Orchard Beach Assistant Town Manager V. Louise Reid told the Portland Press Herald Wednesday they have received only one complaint since the restroom was installed in June, and that was from a person asking why the bathrooms were locked after sunset.

[Old Orchard Beach residents complain tourists are pooping all over the place]

The town previously had public restrooms downtown and not at other access points to the beach. Some residents complained about visitors urinating and even defecating in public places.

The town spent about $70,000 on the restroom trailer, which is located about 700 feet from the beach.

Reid says the trailer will be moved from the beach in the fall.

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