Carlton Young, 24, of Sanford. Credit:

ALFRED, Maine — The man accused of frightening a woman to death during a burglary at her home pleaded guilty to manslaughter, burglary, attempted burglary and four other charges on Monday.

He will serve 10 years behind bars, according to Tim Feeley, spokesman for the Maine Attorney General’s office.

Wells Police said Carlton Young attempted to break into a woman’s home in 2015, and the stress of his attempt to get into her home led to her having a deadly heart attack.

Authorities said Young and several others broke into 62-year-old Connie Loucks’ home in March 2015 when she wasn’t there.

They returned the next day, allegedly knocking on her doors and windows, which prompted the heart attack, according to officials.

Young admitted Monday he was the one who tried to break into her home, and he was the one who broke into her home earlier and burglarized it.

Young was originally charged with murder. Young’s attorney called the murder charge a stretch, claiming prosecutors sought the felony murder charge after Young refused to take responsibility for Loucks’ death.

BDN writer Judy Harrison contributed to this report.

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