A Lewiston man said he’s lucky to be alive, after being grazed by a bullet while playing disc golf. Credit: Courtesy of Cameron Hart | WGME

The ricocheted bullet that hit a Lewiston man in the face during a game of disc golf on Sunday came from the handgun of a nearby property owner who was target practicing several hundred feet away, state police said.

Cameron Hart plays disc golf at the Stevens Mountain View course several times a week. He said he never could have imagined being struck by a bullet while playing a game.

“I was very, very lucky,” Hart said. “God was with me that day.”

The stray bullet came from a 9mm handgun a man nearby fired during target practice on his property, according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety. The bullet struck an object on the man’s Pearl Road property and ricocheted several hundred feet toward the golf course, striking Hart in the face, he said.

Police have not identified the man, who has not been charged and is cooperating with the state police investigation into the shooting, McCausland said.

“We were just walking up, and the guy started shooting,” Hart said. “I believe the second round hit me.”

Hart said he was struck by his upper lip and taken to the hospital.

“Doctors said inches or anywhere else and I’d be dead,” said Hart, who underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his cheek, according to McCausland.

Hart’s friend, Maurice Clark, was playing disc golf with him when it happened.

“It could’ve been any of us,” Clark said. “It could’ve been my dad. It’s just a hard thing to stomach, really.”

He and Hart said the disc golf course is safe and that the issue is not about guns but the operators behind them.

“Maybe use your head before you use your gun,” Clark said.

“When it comes to guns there’s no playing around,” Hart said.

BDN writer Callie Ferguson contributed to this report.

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