Two men have been charged, after Buxton police say they caused a crash while drag racing. Credit: Courtesy WGME

BUXTON, Maine — Two men have been charged after Buxton police say they caused a crash while racing.

Jessica Gallant says she witnessed the crash in front of her home on Turkey Lane.

She says two vehicles were racing when the first vehicle, a pickup truck, hit the back of a car as it turned into a driveway.

“Fortunately, she was three-fourths of the way into the driveway. However, just not enough before that truck hit her,” Buxton Police Chief Troy Cline said. “A few seconds earlier, we could have been dealing with a tragedy.”

Police say a fight broke out between the driver of the pickup, who allegedly caused the crash, and a neighbor.

Police arrested the driver, Kurt-Eric Elliott.

“Honestly, the kids that were in the accident were complete jerks,” Gallant said. “They were very mouthy, arrogant, ignorant. They didn’t have any concern for the lady that they hit.”

This isn’t the first crash on Turkey Lane.

Three years ago, 16-year-old Angel Green died after being ejected from a car driven by another teen, and 11 years ago, Julia MacDonald lost her brother, James Irish, who she says was speeding when he crashed.

“It’s a straight-away, and kids think it’s fun when they go over the bumps,” MacDonald said. “They think it’s like a roller coaster.”

Andrew Delcourt says he was a passenger in Elliott’s truck Wednesday.

He claims they were going the speed limit when the car turned in front of them.

Buxton police charged both drivers, who they say were driving dangerously fast on the 45 mile-per-hour road.

“It’s almost like for some folks it’s a challenge to see if they can get air off these hills,” Cline said.

“They’re just doing it for fun, and it’s not OK,” Gallant said. “People are going to get hurt.”

Even though people who live on Turkey Lane are frustrated by drivers racing down the road, Buxton police say the only real solution is for drivers to slow down.

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