Madawaska School Department Superintendent Gisele Dionne, from left, SAD 33 Superintendent Lisa Bernier and SAD 27 Superintendent Ben Sirois work Dec. 28, 2017, on a regional grant application in Frenchville. Credit: Don Eno | SJVT

FORT KENT, Maine — In his official blog shared on the Maine School Administrative District 27 website, Superintendent Ben Sirois announced Tuesday that a collaborative of three St. John Valley school districts is first in line to receive money from the state to build a new regional high school.

The Maine State Board of Education on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve Maine Department of Education Commissioner Robert Hasson’s Integrated, Consolidated 9-16 Educational Facility Proposed Priority List, with the Valley Unified proposal remaining at the top.

The state offered up to $100 million to the regional winner of the statewide competition to build a pilot consolidated school that would combine high schools, integrate technical and career training, and include post-secondary education aspects.

The intent of the competition was to encourage neighboring school districts with declining enrollments and rising expenses to work together to combine resources and save costs.

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