The Chase Farms farmstand in Wells, where a car crashed, critically injuring a woman, according to police. Credit: Wells Police Department photo courtesy of CBS 13

Police are investigating a crash in Wells that left a woman in critical condition and damaged a farm stand.

It happened Wednesday morning on Route 1 near Buffam Hill Road.

Police say a pedestrian was at Chase Farm farmstand when a car left the road, hit a road sign, a parked car, the side of the food stand, and then the pedestrian.

The victim went over the car and landed on the side of the road, police say.

The vehicle allegedly stopped in an embankment after hitting a telephone pole.

Police say the victim, 59-year-old Monica Langley, of Littleton, Colorado, was taken to Maine Medical Center with critical injuries.

The driver, 51-year-old Eric Nixon, of Wells, was also taken to the hospital.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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