Racial hatred

Does “The Way Life Should Be” include unabashed racism? A year ago in the aftermath of Charlottesville, a Milbridge lobsterman hoisted the Confederate flag on his boat, intimidating our house guest who, fearing for his safety, cut short his vacation and immediately left.

The other day in Eastport I saw another lobster boat fly the Confederate flag along with three others that sported blue “TRUMP: Make America Great Again” flags. I was again confronted by racial hatred harbored by many white Mainers. These are Mainers whose intrepid ancestors gave up their lives in the Union Army fighting for freedoms we now enjoy. They are folk with no cultural connection to Southern slave owners. Lobstermen do not lose jobs to undocumented immigrants or to so-called chain migrants.

Why then this hatred, and why is it announced with such aplomb and pride? Am I, as an immigrant and a person of color, no longer welcome in the state that I love, live in and have enjoyed for over half a century? Am I, along with my family, possibly in danger of physical harm?

Vivodh Z.J. Anand


Collins no moderate

Sen. Susan Collins has said that her decision regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court will not be swayed by demonstrations. She has also stated she does not need to see all of Kavanaugh’s documents to make a decision. The Supreme Court is supposed to be an independent branch of government. Kavanaugh has shown himself to be a partisan attorney his entire career.

Collins likes to point to her record of voting to appoint judges from both sides of the aisle — but in the case of Elena Kagan, we did see all her documents. Why are we not seeing all of Kavanaugh’s?

Collins needs to be reminded she represents Maine. The demonstrations and marches that Mainers are participating in matter. These are by and large ones that ask her to consider Kavanaugh’s entire record. Mainers are in favor of protecting women’s reproductive health. We believe in choice. Mainers want to protect health care access for those with pre-existing health conditions (most of us by insurance industry standards). Kavanaugh’s partisan leanings would destroy all these things we hold dear

Collins, who I intend to challenge in 2020, needs to listen to us. Her job is to represent. Her job is not to be a GOP automatic vote. This past year, she has been a reliable vote of the GOP — is that the legacy she wishes to be remembered by? She can no longer be called moderate.

Cathleen London


America headed in wrong direction

The veterans in the recent news article, “Trump scares, angers Maine men who fought in WWII,” eloquently expressed the fears of many of us on the direction that the country is taking under President Donald Trump. If the direction is not fascism, as stated by the veterans, it’s to a baronial society such as preceded the Magna Carta, in which the majority of society works to support a small privileged nobility.

This is suggested by the huge tax cut given to the wealthy 1 percent in this country, compared to the bare scrapings of cuts to the working majority, which are made negligible by the increase in the cost of living index. Now it’s proposed that this tax largesse to the 1 percent nobility should be paid for by major cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It is quite amazing that a rock-solid 40-plus percent of the country is not troubled by the likelihood of these events. To a large extent this can be attributed to “brain-washing” of the populace by Fox News, for which Trump can do no wrong.

William A. Cramer