Suzie Paradis, center, on Wednesday accepted the position of Fort Kent town manager. She, her husband Denis and their three children gathered in May as daughters Savannah, 23, and Steffany, 21, graduated together from Husson University with master's degrees. From left are Savannah, David, Suzie, Eden and Steffany Paradis. Credit: Sarah Grass | Fiddlehead Focus

FORT KENT, Maine — Suzie Paradis has accepted an offer from Fort Kent town councilors to fill the position of town manager.

The councilors unanimously voted to offer Paradis the post following an executive session on Monday, Aug. 13. Following contract negotiations, Paradis and the councilors reached an employment agreement on Tuesday evening, Aug. 21.

Paradis was one of 26 candidates who applied for the job after longtime town manager Donald Guimond retired in March. Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier is serving as interim town manager.

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