Authorities are investigating a road rage incident that Anthony Vitti says he caught on his GoPro. Credit: Courtesy of Anthony Vitti | CBS 13

WISCASSET, Maine — Police said they are investigating a road rage incident in Wiscasset involving a driver who allegedly pointed a pellet gun at a bicyclist.

Last month, Anthony Vitti feared his bike ride might be his last when he got involved in a road rage incident that he said started when the driver of this car, caught on Vitti’s GoPro, came within two feet of him going 60 miles per hour.

“I yell out, ‘You don’t have to come that close. You don’t need to come that close to me,’” Vitti said. “And he jams the brakes on.”

The alleged road rage incident took place on Lowelltown Road in Wiscasset. Police said on two separate occasions a motorist and a bicyclist were involved in confrontations, and they said in one of those altercations the driver pulled a gun on the cyclist.

“The operator of the car pulled out what appeared to be a real gun,” Sgt. Craig Worster said. “It turned out to be a pellet gun.”

Wiscasset police charged the driver, Daniel Davis, with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Because of the charges, Vitti only sent CBS 13 snapshots of the GoPro video.

He said twice the man drove off then slammed on his brakes.

“I think he’s coming back a third time,” Vitti said. “And I said this time he’s going to put one in me. I said I have nowhere to go. He’s out of his mind.”

Vitti said he is also upset that he’s only now finding out about the charges a month later.

The sergeant said one reason for that is he’s is currently the only officer in town.

“You have to juggle and prioritize which cases get your attention and which cases doesn’t,” Worster said. “And you also have to respond to calls.”

The town manager said she’s hopeful to have a police chief, patrol officer and school resource officer all hired by the end of September.

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