Hydro project a bad deal

Central Maine Power Co.’s and Quebec Hydro’s proposed New England Clean Energy Connect transmission project, which will run through the mountains of western Maine, is truly unacceptable. The project will crush the economies of these small, remote communities that rely on the natural beauty of the area for their very existence. The entire purpose of this destructive project is to bring Canadian hydro power to Massachusetts. Not one kilowatt hour will be delivered to Mainers. The supposed job creation is temporary.

The economies at greatest risk are Jackman, Parlin, the Forks and West Forks, Moxie, and Caratunk, but the impact will be felt through the entire region. These remote towns are nearly reliant on the tourism industry, and that has already been compromised by current logging practices and the appearance of windmills on our peaks. The route would cut nearly 50 miles of new corridor through our remaining forest, and that is only part of the eyesore. The nearly 100-foot towers and associated transmission lines will ruin the open sight lines for which our region is known. The loss of trees and habitat will impact the region’s environment, wildlife, way of life and economic future.

Let the Maine Public Utilities Commission, CMP and Quebec Hydro know that this is not an acceptable option. The plan must also get approvals at the federal level. This is not a good plan for Maine, and it is a terrible plan for the communities of the western Maine mountains. It is not a done deal, yet.

Sheryl Hughey-Harth


Destroying our environment

I have serious concerns about the future of our nation, the human population and our planet in general. While watching the news, reading the paper and noting prominent political occurrences in recent history, I am unaware of a time when there has been so much division among the people in our country and the countries in our world. The damage we are doing to our political climate and natural environment scares me. We should be aiming to leave a better place for future generations, but instead, we are heading in the opposite direction. Doesn’t anyone care?

The Environmental Protection Agency, an organization that has been created to protect Earth from the damage we humans are inflicting upon it, has recently repealed rules requiring power plants to limit emissions that harm our environment and our health. Also, the EPA is working with the Department of Transportation to roll back fuel economy standards. This will increase carbon emissions and pollution, further damaging the environment that our grandchildren will inherit. Doesn’t anyone care?

As adequate health care becomes less and less accessible for those that need it most, the EPA has proposed allowing new uses for asbestos, a known hazard to the environment and human health, in the manufacturing of goods. Will lead paint and mercury thermometers be returning next? Doesn’t anyone care?

I am seriously concerned about all of this and much, much more. Why are we allowing this to happen? Doesn’t anyone care?

Beth Paradis

Van Buren

Uhlenhake for Maine Senate

It is with pleasure and optimism that we share our support for Bev Uhlenhake, candidate for Maine Senate District 8, which includes the communities on the east side of the Penobscot River from Lincoln to Castine.

We have worked closely with Uhlenhake for years, and her skills, intelligence and perspective are exactly what Augusta needs right now. As a business leader, she knows what Maine’s small businesses need to succeed: consistency in policy, a fair tax structure and an entrepreneurial culture that supports growth. As a civic leader, she has given countless hours of her time and energy to charitable and philanthropic causes in this area. And as a mother, she cares deeply about the quality of our schools, having safe and supportive communities, and growing the economy so that our young people can find jobs and stay in this area.

Uhlenhake is also a great listener, patient and willing to collaborate with anyone regardless of party affiliation. With so much polarization and negativity in the world right now, we need people like Uhlenhake who can bring us together. She is an enthusiastic leader who cares deeply about this state and its people, and that is why we are so happy to support Uhlenhake for Maine Senate District 8 in this election.

Dennis Marble


Ben Sprague


Protect Maine’s environment

This summer, Maine has had more than 10 air quality advisory days, when going outside is considered detrimental to your health. If this is something we have to worry about now, it’s worrisome to imagine what the air quality will be like if the Trump administration’s rollbacks on our clean car standards take place.

Maine’s beautiful open spaces do not exist in a vacuum, separate from our highways and cities. Nor are political and state boundaries relevant when it comes to protecting and improving air quality. The LePage’s administration’s proposal to remove Maine from the Ozone Transport Region with adjacent states has health and environmental experts very concerned for Maine’s air quality. Clean air must not be taken for granted.

Not only do natural spaces attract people to visit and move to Maine, they help to bring in $6 billion per year to our economy. Taking away our clean car standards could easily turn our small, growing city of Bangor into a smog-flooded health hazard.

As someone who moved to Maine excited to take in the incredible open spaces and outdoor activities available here, these air quality advisory days were both surprising and disappointing. It is reassuring that Maine’s congressional delegation came out against the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean car standards rollback, but we must continue to call on our delegation to lead climate legislation in Congress.

Amanda Foran


Collins’ dance with Kavanaugh

There can be no doubt, and never was, that Sen. Susan Collins will vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Nor is there doubt that he will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade when the right to abortion comes again before the Supreme Court, as it surely will. Her dance with him Tuesday was an unbecoming insult to the intelligence of Mainers

Bill Rosenberg