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WATERVILLE, Maine — Police say motel employees found bags of marijuana and thousands of dollars in a rented-out room in Waterville.

Waterville Police said Nicholas Lombardo checked into the motel for a one-night stay, and when he didn’t check out the next day, motel staff eventually entered his room to find four bags of marijuana on the bed, along with a duffel bag filled with clothes and a lot of cash.

Waterville police were called to Room 142 of the Budget Host Motel.

Inside, they recovered four freezer bags of marijuana, about two pounds in all.

That’s more than 12 times the legal limit of marijuana you can now possess in Maine, and in the duffle bag, police recovered more than $82,000 dollars cash.

Police say they later spotted a vehicle with New York plates near the motel office.

They ran the plates and found it was registered to Nicholas Lombardo, the Room 142 occupant.

Police arrested him and found a bag of white powder in his pocket, which they say tested positive for cocaine.

Prosecutors charged the 63-year-old New Yorker with unlawful trafficking and furnishing of scheduled drugs.

Police say more than 20 years ago, Lombardo was twice convicted in federal court on marijuana charges and sentenced to a total of 14 and a half years in prison.

He’s now been released from the Kennebec County Jail after posting a $25,000 cash bail.

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