Credit: Stock image | Pixabay

A Rumford reserve police officer was killed in a plane crash in Massachusetts on Friday, according to Rumford police.

Scott Landis and his brother Patrick were flying in Hanson, Massachusetts, to spread the ashes of their father who recently died of cancer when their plane apparently had engine trouble, according to investigators.

Patrick Landis is currently in critical condition at a Boston hospital.

In addition to being a reserve officer, Rumford police said Scott Landis was also a National Guard Black Hawk pilot.

“We cannot express enough our sorrow in this loss; for our brothers and sisters in Rumford, the Landis family, the community and nation. Scott served. Scott Landis represents what is best about this country; that there are but a few who will answer the call to service,” the Maine Association of Police said on Facebook. “The fact that Scott bore the sacrifice and responsibility of TWO uniforms gives us all something to aspire to.”

The official cause of their plane crash is still under investigation.

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