A 90-day emergency rule limits some methods hunters use to trap bears in Maine. Credit: Julia Bayly

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife issued an emergency rule Aug. 29 that limits some methods hunters use to trap bears in Maine.

The rule was adopted to prevent techniques that could accidentally capture the Canada Lynx, which is listed as federally threatened, the DIFW said in an Aug. 29 release.

“This emergency rule adopts measures that would prevent further lynx fatalities as outlined in the Department’s ‘2014 Final Incidental Take Plan for Maine’s Trapping Program,’” the release states.

The emergency rule, which will be in place for 90 days, only addresses how a trap is set for a bear. “More specifically, a foot snare designed to capture a bear when it reaches into the snare or a device to obtain bait or lure is prohibited,” the release states.

The adopted rule only covers the 2018 bear-trapping season. The department plans to develop a permanent rule to address the issue long-term. It is expected to be put in place before the 2019 bear-trapping season, according to the release.

The rule can be viewed online at www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/Emergency%20rule%20-%20bear%20trapping.pdf.

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