Police respond the afternoon of Oct.31, 2016, to a dispute over ownership and access to an unpaved section of Pelletier Avenue in Frenchville. Credit: Don Eno | Fiddlehead Focus

FRENCHVILLE, Maine — The next chapter is underway in the saga over Pelletier Avenue as the Select Board is now proposing to discontinue maintaining and plowing a controversial section of the roadway while still providing public access through easement.

After reviewing the “obligations, including costs” associated with maintaining a portion of the road “as a fully improved public way,” the selectmen on Aug. 28 approved a resolution for “Discontinuance of Pelletier Avenue.” The proposed measure does not encompass the entire road, which runs from U.S. Route 1 to Airport Avenue, but applies to an unpaved portion of about 11,000 feet from the intersection of Pelletier Avenue and Bouchard Avenue/11th Avenue near the Madawaska town line to Airport Avenue.

The selectmen will hold a public meeting on Sept. 4 to further discuss the issue in anticipation of signing a formal order of discontinuance and then conducting a more formal public hearing on the measure on Sept. 11, according to Town Manager Ryan E. Pelletier. Town officials are then planning to hold a special town meeting on Sept. 26 to give Frenchville voters an opportunity to decide whether to discontinue that section of Pelletier Avenue or maintain it as a public way.

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