Wilkies Beach is closed again due to high levels of E coli in the water. Credit: WGME | CBS 13

GRAY, Maine — Residents in Gray will not be able to cool off at one local beach due to E. coli in the water.

Wilkies Beach on Crystal Lake was closed Friday for the second time this summer. It was also closed earlier in August because of high levels of E. coli.

The Gray Recreation Department says they’ve been testing Crystal Lake since 2004 and are unsure why E. coli. levels are so high.

They say runoff, the rise in Canadian geese in the area, or human waste could all be factors.

Residents say while some may be disappointed they can’t go for a dip, they’re happy the town is monitoring the lake to keep swimmers safe.

“I do see the people using it a lot so I think it’s too bad, but I know it’s a problem with beaches and lakes around here maybe they don’t have circulation or they’re flushed out,” Robert Fey said. “I think that’s the role of government to maintain, help promote the health of citizens, so I’m glad they test it and let us know when it’s not wise to swim because of the contamination.”

The Gray Recreation Department says they will be testing the water again Tuesday and if the levels come back low, they could open the beach back up by the middle of the week.

They say the boat launch will remain open either way.

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