Don’t mess with a mother moose.

That’s the lesson a fox in Wyoming learned after getting too close to a female moose and her newborn calf.

The wild encounter was caught on a Nest security camera in July, outside of a rental property owned by Abode Jackson Hole. The property is located in Wilson, Wyoming, just outside of Jackson Hole and about 8 miles south of Grand Teton National Park.

After the grown moose chases the fox out of the camera’s view, the calf can be seen rejoining its mother.

Female moose are known for being aggressive during pregnancy and when protecting their young calves. Footage captured in May in Alaska showed a mother moose charging a cyclist on a bike path when he got too close to the mother and her two calves.

According to the Appalachian Mountain Club, warning signs that a moose may attack include laying back its ears, the hair standing up on its back and neck, smacking its lips, showing the whites of its eyes and tossing its head upward.

An Abode Jackson Hole representative said that animal sightings are common near the property, which is called Abode on Old Trail. In addition to moose and foxes, elk, bison, black bears and other animals are often spotted in the area.

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Lindsay Putnam

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