One of seven dead seals a St. George resident has found washed up by her home this summer. Credit: Courtesy of Nancy Fagley

At least seven dead seals have washed up along the shores of the St. George peninsula, according to a resident.

Nancy Fagley reported the dead seals — which began appearing in July — to the Maine Marine Mammal Hotline, which is run by the organization, Marine Mammals of Maine.

Fagley said the remains of three adult seals and four smaller seals have washed up on the shoreline near her home, close to the village of Port Clyde. Fagley said that dead seals have also been reported this summer near the Marshall Point Lighthouse.

A message left with Marine Mammals of Maine has not been returned. According to the organization’s website, if a seal is found, people should stay at least 150 feet away and report the animal using the hotline at 800-532-9551.

In August, more than 125 dead seals were found along beaches in southern Maine. Officials from various agencies investigating the deaths have not yet found a clear cause.

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