Halt Kavanaugh nomination

Sen. Susan Collins should halt proceedings on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court and insist on a Senate investigation into whether he lied under oath to the Senate in his testimony in 2004 and 2006.

Kavanaugh allegedly received confidential information stolen from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee about President George W. Bush’s court nominees during their confirmation battles. In 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh denied in Senate testimony having received this information when asked.

Collins must protect the integrity of the Senate as an institution against which no purposeful and perjurious lies will be tolerated. Collins also must protect the Supreme Court from receiving a new lifelong appointee who may have lied under oath.

Mainers should implore Collins to do the right thing and demand the Senate investigate this. If Kavanaugh is found to have lied to the Senate about the receipt of stolen information, I hope she and all of her colleagues will uphold the rule of law by not supporting for his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Appointing a judge who potentially perjured himself before the Senate to the highest court in the nation is the definition of hypocrisy and the antithesis of lawful order. Politics aside, this must be thoroughly investigated and swiftly addressed.

Collins has a chance to lead on this critical problem, and to do right by Maine and the nation. It’s up to us as Mainers to demand she do the right thing.

Damien Lally

South Portland

Maine needs an animal abuser registry

In response to the recent articles about the brutal abuse and killing of a family dog named Franky in Winter Harbor, there has to be tougher penalties for these offenders and many years in prison living with their despicable acts.

How we treat animals defines our own humanity. Pets rely on us to keep them safe, fed, sheltered, loved, respected and to make them a true part of our family. I don’t want to live in a society that devalues their lives because they are not human.

We need to know where these animal abusers are within our state so they cannot adopt animals, purchase animals, work with or have any contact with animals. Think of what other crimes against society these abusers are capable of if they can hurt or kill an innocent animal. We need to ask our legislators to reintroduce a bill to establish an animal abuser registry.

This would require animal abusers who are convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the county sheriff for the county in which the animal abuser is located.

Our pets need us to step up and be a civil society where the expectations for animals are to protect, love and respect them as we do our other family members. I’m urging all the animal lovers out there to write to their local representatives about reintroducing this bill.

Kimberly Bennett


Hysteria over Kavanaugh

There was no need for Senate Democrats to behave like children in Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing. I do not agree with every single political view of Kavanaugh. Nor do I agree 100 percent with his constitutional interpretation. But when you find someone who is the perfect judge, who’s every single view directly lines up with your’s, let me know. Kavanaugh is not perfect, but he has proven to be ethical, of strong character, well-respected in his field (by both Democrats and Republicans), and a judge who does his best to rule according to the Constitution.

I don’t expect Senate Democrats (or, for that matter, Republicans) to agree with every single ruling Kavanaugh has ever made, nor do I expect them to give him a free pass to the Supreme Court. I do, however, expect them to behave like adults. Instead, they could be observed shouting over Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, being combative to the point of extremity with the judge, and behaving as if a vote to confirm Kavanaugh is a vote to condemn Americans to the ninth circle of hell.

Kavanaugh is not perfect, but he’s as close as you will find. And even if Senate Democrats vote no on his appointment, they could have at least given him a fair hearing devoid of any toddler-like theatrics.

Jacob Favolise


Support universal health care

While the cost of health care in the U.S. continues to rise, many Mainers are struggling to afford their monthly premiums. Other Mainers have negligible health care, if any at all. I and many others agree that we can and should do better for our population, yet the U.S. business of health care and certain politicians balk at the idea of universal health care.

A country’s true wealth is determined by the health of all of its people and their ability to come through serious illness with dignity and without financial ruin. Health care should not be a business. It is our responsibility, as a nation, to give good care to all, not to just those who can afford it.

I support universal health care, because the cost of health insurance has become prohibitive to many and impossible for others. How can the “greatest” nation on Earth condone such circumstances? If one of us comes to financial ruin due to exorbitant health care costs, what is the real goal of our health care system? Money and only money, shareholder profits, the dog-eat-dog philosophy.

This November we must stand up and take action to elect candidates who will fight to make universal health care a reality. Please support universal health care to ensure that everyone gets the basic health care they need.

Susan Parks


Happy to see Julia Bayly’s column

I rejoiced to see the new column by veteran Bangor Daily News writer Julia Bayly. Her farewell a year ago caused chagrin, but no doubt the editors of the BDN have realized what talent, wisdom, humanity and wit she has and brought her to readers once again.

I am a daily subscriber, but I refuse to read about violent crime. My literature diet is therefore quite skimpy on some days. But with the BDN’s stellar sections on Homestead, Food, Outdoors and the like, the paper is restoring my hope in American journalism.

Margery Aumann