CMP hydro plan bad for Maine

I want to express my concern over Central Maine Power’s planned devastation of northern Maine. This is a David and Goliath story. This is the concrete jungle versus the natural forest.

Goliath in this story is Central Maine Power and their proponents. They plan to ruin the beauty of Maine in order to provide Canadian hydro power to Massachusetts. Gov. Paul LePage has been quoted as saying he would “ push this right through.” They are pushing a new power corridor from Canada to West Forks. Their proposal is not good for Maine.

The David in this story are the small fragile communities that appear powerless to stop this power grab of wilderness. People come north to get away from the concrete jungle and relax in a real forest. These towns depend on tourism for their existence. It is possible that some of these communities will not survive a new power corridor and the hundreds of windmills that will follow. Northern Maine is “the way life should be,” and we cannot afford to be swallowed up by concrete and steel.

The end of this story is not yet told. Will David be able to stay the giant? They say “you can’t fight city hall” and “money talks,” but maybe, this time, the little guy will win.

Deke Sawyer


Collins’ vote on Kavanaugh matters

Votes matter. Anytime we vote, whether for ice cream or Senate confirmations, there are consequences. Something will happen because we vote. Our votes and their consequences belong to us.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was very evasive during his confirmation hearings. But he groomed himself for this job. He has left concrete evidence on his judicial leanings. He values corporations over employees, religious beliefs over health care rights, and corporate rights over regulations to protect individuals and the environment. His writings and court decisions lineup enough with the Koch brothers and the NRA to gain their support.

There is no evidence he will do anything different than he has already done. His confirmation will make the Supreme Court more conservative.

Sen. Susan Collins’ vote belongs to her; it’s her responsibility. Whether Collins wants to accept that responsibility is the issue. Hiding behind her record of not voting based on ideology will not change the consequences of a “yes” vote. It will not make Kavanaugh less conservative. It will not protect workers, the environment, a woman’s right to choose, or save a child from being gunned down. Collins will be responsible for the outcome. And we will have to live it.

Nadine Bangerter


Kavanaugh a fair judge

Having watched the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, it is clear to me that the Senate should feel comfortable confirming this highly qualified, distinguished nominee.

Through the many attacks he faced, Kavanaugh exemplified his ability to be even keeled through adversity. Kavanaugh is a fair, impartial judge who is committed to our country’s Constitution and the independence that our judicial branch of government must have. He understands that politics have no place in his decision making.

I also want to thank Sen. Susan Collins for her thoughtful approach to the vetting of Kavanaugh. Consistent with her approach to past nominations, she took the time and dedication to examine a candidate for the bench. I believe the right person for this spot is Kavanaugh, and I look forward to the Senate confirming his nomination.

Carroll Conley


Reject Kavanaugh

Did you listen to the hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court? I have been disturbed by the canned answers provided by this nominee for a lifetime appointment. I am strongly opposed to Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court. We need Sen. Susan Collins to vote against him.

In the past, Collins has supported women’s reproductive rights and fair health care for all Mainers. However, Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court would be a giant step backward regarding these issues.

Kavanaugh also believes that a sitting president should not be faced with criminal investigation while in office. That is a dangerous idea. Yet in the hearings, Kavanaugh said these are “hypotheticals” and would not answer questions directly related to the Mueller investigation. Executive privilege should not exist. We are all citizens, including the president, and he is bound by our laws as well.

I am urging Collins and her staff to listen to this message. Kavanaugh is not good for this country as a Supreme Court justice. Reproductive rights, health care for all and the accountability of the president are all at stake when it comes to this open position.

Ruth Kelly


Keep Kavanaugh off the bench

My husband and other veterans have sacrificed so much to uphold the values of our Constitution. By failing to demand all the information regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, I strongly believe Sen. Susan Collins is failing to follow through on the Senate’s constitutional responsibilities.

We need elected representatives to remember that in our country we separate church and state so that everyone’s beliefs are valued. Personally, I don’t believe in abortion, but that is based on my religious beliefs. When I vote, I vote pro-choice because everyone deserves the right to make their own choice.

Denying that right will not stop abortions it will only risk the lives of the mothers. Please don’t throw away the sacrifice of our service members who have proudly served by voting for a Supreme Court justice who will risk imposing religious ideology on our country as a whole.

Kandie Cleaves


Herbig for Maine Senate

I have known Erin Herbig since her days as a state champion athlete at Belfast Area High School. I have followed her political career with growing admiration, including her selection as House majority leader for the current legislative session. She has shown herself to be hard-working, responsive, enlightened about her votes for bills and totally committed to bettering life in rural outposts like Waldo County. It is encouraging to see these qualities in a young woman like Herbig.

I support her campaign to become the county’s next senator. She was and still is a winner. And a huge benefit to having her as our next senator is that we’ll all be winners, too. Can’t beat that.

Jay Davis