Confirm Kavanaugh

After witnessing the treatment of our senator, Susan Collins, from the left because she might vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States and the circus that were the hearings, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I was wrong.

Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about the serious accusations she has made against Kavanaugh. Republicans have been accommodating to her in every way possible, and yet the left continues to pounce. Why don’t they yell and scream at their own Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, who withheld the letter for months.

It seems the only acceptable course of action for them is to delay this confirmation until they can regain control of the Senate. Ford is helpful in that, so they’ve added her to the litany of excuses for not doing their jobs and voting up or down.

I want to stand with any and all women who have been sexually abused, and I also want to stand for justice for men of integrity when and if they are falsely accused. May truth prevail in this issue quickly. Justice delayed is justice denied. The Senate should vote.

Based on the evidence before us, on the one hand these unsubstantiated allegations, and on the other a mountain of testimonies for the record from women hailing Kavanaugh for his integrity and intentional efforts to advance women causes, the choice is not hard. They should vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Penny Morrell


Standards too high?

Given the intense scrutiny that judge nominations and political candidates undergo in the current political climate, it is doubtful that Mohandas Ghandi, Mother Teresa, or Billy Graham could successfully get appointed to the bench or get elected to office. It makes you wonder how the Kennedys, Bill Clinton and others of questionable moral behavior would fare in this day and age.

Jim Frost


Investigate Kavanaugh claims

At least two well-educated, successful career women, at great personal risk, have alleged that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has committed crimes that include underage intoxication, assaults and attempted rape. Rushing to premature Senate confirmation before the allegations are fully investigated could lead to a future impeachment of Kavanaugh and a trial by the same U.S. Senate that confirmed him in a rush to judgment.

It would certainly seem logical for the Senate, including our own Sen. Susan Collins, to allow the Federal Bureau of Investigations to first determine the validity of these allegations. The women involved are willing to have an investigation of their allegations. Kavanaugh should want to agree to clear his name. No vote should be taken until this is done.

Ellie Goldberg


Re-elect Gratwick

Nov. 6, Election Day, is coming at a rapid pace, and it is time we start seriously thinking about who we want to represent us in Augusta. My support for Senate District 9 is going to Sen. Geoff Gratwick.

Why re-elect Gratwick? For me, the most outstanding reasons is a quote from his 2018 Legislative Report. He states, “Despite our often-voiced differences, we in Maine know how to work well together. We have much in common. When we are open to compromise, the results help everyone.” I want someone in Augusta who listens and Gratwick does.

I have had the honor of working with Gratwick as I was advocating for access to prevention, treatment and recovery services for the people who are struggling with a substance use disorder. Every time I emailed, called or asked to talk Gratwick, he was there with an open mind, asking questions and sharing honestly where he stood on a bill or an issue.

His honesty, commitment and love for the Maine people is genuine and my vote for him will ensure that work will get done that is respectful to our community not just about politics. He is a true champion for his district and has a desire to ensure families have healthy lives, that education is appropriately support, that we keep property taxes that people can maintain their homes and supports growth in our communities.

I encourage you to make sure you vote and to consider voting for Gratwick to again represent Senate District 9.

Pat Kimball


Protect Endangered Species Act

For 45 years the federal Endangered Species Act has been the vehicle that has prevented scores of species of rare plants and animals from becoming extinct. At the same time, it has provided an opportunity for additional species struggling to maintain their numbers to not slip into the endangered category.

The fact that few if any of these species have become extinct during that time attests to the effectiveness of the provisions in the act. A number of species, such as America’s symbol — the bald eagle — have been able to advance from facing extinction to actually thriving under the protection.

Critics of the act are now proposing sweeping changes, which could move the great progress achieved thus far backward. Greed and the climate of regulation paranoia are the driving forces of this effort. These critics point out that only 3 percent of the species afforded protection have ever recovered enough to be removed from the list. Ironically this actually supports the great need to continue the protection, and a much more relevant gauge of its success is the fact the protected species have not disappeared.

Contact your senators, members of Congress, and the Trump administration urging them to preserve this important act, and not give in to the elements in our society who put unbridled economic growth above all other concerns.

Jerry Stelmok


Economic questions

I am afraid I just don’t understand. Capitalism is an economic system, as is socialism. Our political system is representative (sometime rather archaic) government. Socialism (or democratic socialism) would not have to change our government system, per se, but would merely try to change the economic system. Corporations formerly had charters by the state, and they could lose them for not acting according to how they ran their business. Somehow this was changed (overridden?) and other kinds of organizations created, especially LLCs. We need to know more.

John Bednarik