Krista Simonis of the Fresnel Theater in Portland speaks to CBS 13 about improv comedy in the city. Credit: CBS 13

The Fresnel Theater recently opened on Free Street in Portland. It’s a one-stop shop for improv comedy.

All the jokes and scenes are made up on the spot with a lot of audience interaction.

The nonprofit says they have members from all over the state and are even helping to train new comics.

Their mission is building community through comedy.

“Whether it’s through performance or just strengthening yourself as a person in different situations, strengthening yourself as a human and your ability to give back to your community. Improv is so powerful for that and that’s why we’re here doing classes, doing shows,” Krista Simonis, with the Fresnel Theater, said.

You can catch improv shows at the Fresnel Theater Friday and Saturday nights.

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