Treat women with fairness

Now we have two accused sexual abusers, including one who is alleged to have attempted rape, on the Supreme Court. We should not have even one. They don’t belong on the court and should resign.

I believe both Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill. I don’t believe the denials of Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas.

Sadly, for centuries, even millennia, when there were “she said, he said” controversies, almost always the man was believed and the woman was not. It’s time to turn this attitude on its head and believe the women who experienced abuse and have the courage to speak out, not the perpetrators. Let’s start treating women with fairness.

All of us, women and men, need to speak out against any abuse, especially against women, and to insure it is safe for anyone who experiences it to report it.

Larry Dansinger


Collins did right thing

We love Sen. Susan Collins. She did the right thing.

Harlow Libby


I won’t eat farmed fish

I hear that land-based farming is a good way to produce fish protein to feed the planet. I can see it’s a proven way to produce freshwater fish such as tilapia, but it is still an experimental and quite risky way to produce salmon. What I see in the huge salmon factory proposed by Nordic Aquafarms for Belfast, is a rush to profit, and a huge gamble at our expense.

From Nordic, I hear assurances of best practices. I don’t believe anyone can assure us this giant industrial farm will not bring with it environmental degradation, starting with paving over 40 acres of old-growth woodland beside Penobscot Bay — the last place to site a factory. The recirculating aquaculture system, with its continuous pumping, requires huge amounts of electricity and a correspondingly huge carbon footprint that appears small only when compared with airlifting fish from across the planet.

I hear we cannot depend on our oceans to provide seafood. I’m not ready to give up on recovery of our bay — unless, of course, we start pumping into it 7.7 million gallons a day of effluent from a factory fish farm.

I won’t eat salmon from a factory farm. I will happily eat small fish lower on the food chain. Native Americans called the alewife “the fish that feeds all.” Taking down old dams and building fish ladders would restore the wild alewife fishery. We can fill our rivers and lakes with wild fish and support recovery of our ecosystem.

Cynthia Ciani Anderson


Yes on Question 1

I currently work two jobs: as a nurse in the local hospital and as a home care worker in the community. My home care work is with a couple only a few years older than me who desire to stay in their home, like many of us. I have worked in the care industry for many, many years. My work has been in various settings, from private nursing homes to state run nursing homes to hospitals to home care, and my experiences have shown me that people are happiest when they are home.

This is why I am supporting Question 1 this November, the universal home care ballot question. People are happiest and healthiest when they are in their own home, and I want that to be a possibility for as many people as possible. Question 1 will help make that a possibility for so many seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

Maine is the oldest state in the nation and we are only getting older. Expanding access to home care is a step in the right direction. I encourage everyone to vote yes on 1 this November and to ask their friends and family to do the same.

Yvonne Tabb

Bar Harbor

Herbig for Maine Senate

I am urging voters in Waldo County to support Rep. Erin Herbig for our Senate District 11. I met Herbig several months ago when she was visiting small businesses in our district so she could be better informed about how to serve the business community. I appreciated that she took the time to visit my manufacturing business in Montville. We discussed important issues such as high costs for health insurance, property tax burden and attracting a younger workforce to Waldo County. I felt she wholeheartedly listened to my concerns.

Since Herbig’s visit, I am volunteering for her campaign because I believe she is sincere about representing all people of our district. Her eight years in the House and time as House majority leader has taught her to work across the political divide. Herbig is dedicated to finding positive solutions and will make a difference for Waldo County.

Please join me and vote for Herbig in November.

Cathy Roberts


No Margaret Chase Smith to save us

Sen. Susan Collins is no longer a moderate senator or a swing vote. She is one of the pack. Sen. Jeff Flake has made speeches and written books but his votes don’t reflect his words. Sen. Lindsey Graham lost his soul when his dear friend Sen. John McCain died.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell obstructed one president and shields another for the sake of raw political power.

President Donald Trump lies and his attacks on American institutions go unchecked by Republican leadership. The path they follow does not benefit the greater good.

It doesn’t solve our health care system, it doesn’t lift up average Americans, it doesn’t secure civil rights and justice for all, it doesn’t protect our environment.

There is no Margaret Chase Smith or Howard Baker to save us.

But we have the power to vote. Our country needs us to preserve its better self. Seize your power and vote Nov. 6.

Nadine Bangerter


Proud of Collins

Thank you, Sen. Susan Collins for doing the right thing. I am proud of you.

Dola Carter

Saint Francis

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