FINALLY. The wait is over. The last memory of Celtics basketball that we have will no longer be that excruciatingly painful Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals loss to “LABron” and the Cleveland U-16 AAU squad.

No more Celtics hospital squad. Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving are back at full strength. And don’t forget Daniel Theis, either. The deepest team in the NBA is finally at 100% health. Oh, and they added a DeAndre Jordan-esque big with the 27th pick in the draft, Robert Williams.

This team is LOADED. Expect to see Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown make even bigger strides towards being legit stars in this league. Tatum spent the offseason working with Kobe, and as long as it wasn’t a sabotage by the Lakers, I’m sure he will benefit from learning from him. Terry Rozier has been in trade talks for his entire career, and that won’t change this season, either. He is the best backup point guard in the league, and due for a big-money contract. Like I said, this team is loaded. Young talent across the board. They may end up having a 12-man rotation. Insane.

The Celtics have a slim chance at winning a title this year. Remember that team out west that set the record for most wins in a season a few years back, and then added Kevin Durant? Well, I hope you’re sitting down. They got DeMarcus Cousins, too. Albeit off an Achilles injury, they still added the best true center in the NBA. Their starting lineup has five all-stars. I fully expect the C’s to make it to the Finals, but it might be tough once they get there. It’s gonna take a whole lot of luck (and probably injuries) for anyone to be able to beat this absurdly-talented Warriors team.

That doesn’t mean we can’t hope, though. The Celtics “position-less basketball” scheme matches up well with any team in the NBA. They have the second-best starting five in the league. Brad Stevens remains a basketball savant and all-around wizard.

There’s a lot to like this year. The pieces of the puzzle are there, they just gotta put them all together.

By Chase Whitney

Jeff Solari, Sports contributor

Jeff Solari is the president and founder of the Sports Chowdah, Maine’s only free, weekly sports email newsletter. Recently, the Mount Desert Island native was the co-host of "The Drive" on 92.9 FM in...