Bristol 1st Assistant Fire Chief Jared Pendleton and Damariscotta Deputy Fire Chief Jim Hall confer on the steps of a mobile home at 15 South Road in Damariscotta on Sunday. A furnace malfunction caused a fire that destroyed the home, according to Hall and the homeowner, John Sprague. Credit: Suzi Thayer | Lincoln County News

A fire caused by a furnace malfunction destroyed a mobile home in the park off Egypt Road in Damariscotta on Sunday morning.

Homeowner John Sprague and his dog, Lily, had left home around 8 a.m., Sprague said. His daughter called him to tell him his trailer was on fire.

“We got here very quickly, but these mobile homes go fast, with all the wood paneling inside,” Damariscotta Deputy Fire Chief Jim Hall said. He said the furnace had been cleaned in January.

Along with Damariscotta, the Bremen, Bristol and Newcastle fire departments responded to the scene at 15 South Road.

Sprague had lived in the mobile home for eight years. He said everything inside was lost.

The Lincoln County Communications Center dispatched the Damariscotta Fire Department at 9:28 a.m. and again at 12:37 p.m., the second time to return to the scene with one engine to extinguish hot spots.

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