Mills for governor

Decades ago, when I cast my first ballot, I voted for Republicans in some races, Democrats in others. And I’ve gone back and forth ever since.

This year I’m wholeheartedly supporting Janet Mills for governor — partly because I am impressed by her record and experience, and partly because I share her values. But there is something equally important to me: her character.

Mills is fearless. She is a person of sterling integrity. She is level-headed. And she is compassionate, especially when it comes to helping Mainers in need. I think Maine will be extremely well served by a governor with those qualities.

Patricia O’Toole


Grohman for Congress

Having worked extensively with many individuals and family-owned small businesses across the state, I have seen close up the need for affordable, comprehensive health care and insurance. My work as a financial adviser and health care representative has strengthened my conviction that this is perhaps the most critical issue facing our state.

I have seen what can happen to a family when they are swamped with a horrible accident or catastrophic illness, and the burden and stress that continuous medical bills can have. Many times, the question, “How do we pay for this?” is not at the forefront of anyone’s mind when a health emergency comes up.

I have only seen a few people in politics working toward a better health care solution with an unbiased open mind. Marty Grohman is one of those people. He is one of the only politicians I have seen actually ask questions and listen to the health care concerns from local businesses, families and individuals. He has taken proactive approaches to address some of these concerns, including sponsoring a bill that helps eliminate “surprise” medical costs. He has taken other measures to protect consumers’ rights and do away with some of the unknowns that can come with choosing a health care plan.

Grohman has stepped up to the challenge and is taking up the voices of concern to fix our broken health care system. Please go and vote.

Seth Fenn


Sutton for House District 95

I am voting for Paula Sutton to represent me in House District 95. I think her extensive knowledge of our coastal fisheries economy, her business experience and her mid-state heritage are strong advantages.

Sutton excels in the contact her constituents have with her. She truly acts as their representative to Augusta, being always mindful of their freedoms, liberties and livelihoods.

Sadly, many representatives are traveling down the sewer to socialism. I’ll vote for Sutton because she is not in that group, and does fine work as my representative.

Edward Courtenay


Cuddy for House District 98

Here’s what most of us hope for in our elected representatives: somebody who knows the community, somebody who knows how to work effectively with others, and somebody who knows how to get things done. Scott Cuddy fits that description.

On Election Day, I will vote for Cuddy to represent Searsport, Winterport, Frankfort and Swanville as part of House District 98. An electrician by training, Cuddy grew up in Winterport, coaches local teams, works in digital marketing and serves on the RSU 22 board. He stresses property tax relief, support for Maine’s older residents and education paid for fairly. He is my choice on Nov. 6.

Tom McCord


Cruise ships pollute

The Bar Harbor Town Council apparently looked into the future and saw cruise ships using power sources that don’t pollute Frenchman Bay with exhaust gases. Kathleen Meil, Todd Capson and Esperanza Stanicoff, explain in a Oct. 12 BDN OpEd, “Emissions are a threat to Maine’s environment.” Cruise ships release exhaust fumes. Frenchman Bay is a relatively small bay with tidal waters that come and go directly through cruise ship channels. Pollute that water and lobstermen and their families will be beaching their boats and looking for other ways to pay bills. Same for those who harvest native or farmed mussels, clams, scallops, oysters and salmon.

As a recently retired marine biologist who joined the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (as a friend), I listened to the Town Council (none are fishermen) to see how their cruise ships would avoid bringing more gaseous and other pollutants to the bay. Conclusion: they must believe in magic sources of pollution-free ship power and new ways for families around the bay to make a living from it, once it becomes simply a high-nitrogen pool of algal blooms.

The Town Council doesn’t own the bay. So why are they operating with such complete disregard of the perfectly predictable consequences of their cruise ship expansion plan?

Gary W. Conrad

Bar Harbor

Pebworth right choice

Those of us who live in House District 133 (Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Sedgwick and Surry) are extremely fortunate to have Sarah Pebworth as a candidate for the state Legislature. She is a principled, articulate, hard-working woman who has already made a mark in her community as a businesswoman and civic leader.

She is committed to advancing the public good through support for public education. She will resist attempts to weaken the rules that protect our environment. She can be counted upon to support greater, not lesser, voter participation. And she will advocate increased access to affordable health care. On Nov. 6, the choice is obvious in House District 133.

Lynn Parsons


New blood in Hancock County

Listening to the candidates for local House and Senate districts at a recent forum in Orland, I was especially impressed by Nathalie Arruda’s well-informed, clearly thought-out responses to questions on current issues and challenges facing Maine and its residents. We have an opportunity to elect a young woman who positively shines with thoughtful integrity, presence of mind, vision and dedication to creating a better future for our state, communities and families.

It is heartening to see such promising younger candidates as Arruda, Nicole Grohoski, Sarah Pebworth, John Wombacher and Bev Uhlenhake stepping up to take the place of veteran Hancock County legislators, offering fresh perspectives, skills and solutions. I hope you will join me in making a vote of confidence in the next generation of legislators working to protect Down East Maine’s natural and human resources and ensure a more resilient, sustainable future.

Jane Crosen Washburn


Election notice

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