Sam Robbins, a 2015 graduate of Portsmouth High School, performs on NBC's singing competition show "The Voice." Credit: NBC photo courtesy of Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire — Sam Robbins’ journey on NBC’s “The Voice” might have ended Monday, but he’s only getting started.

During his “Comeback Stage” battle, where six singers competed in an online series in hopes of making it onto the show’s live performances next month, coach Kelsea Ballerini picked Robbins’ opponent to advance to the next round.

“Looking back, it was probably the coolest experience of my life, for sure,” said Robbins. “Being able to experience so much talent at that level and such a community of other artists, that was really amazing. To be able to represent who I want to be as an artist on TV was a big thing. I do 70s singer/songwriter stuff, and they put it on TV, me doing a Jim Croce song. I couldn’t believe they let me do that.”

Robbins, 22, graduated from Portsmouth High School in 2015, and now attends Berklee College of Music in Boston. He performs around 200 shows a year throughout New England.

Robbins’ audition for “The Voice” aired earlier this month, where he was selected to participate in the show’s inaugural “Comeback Stage” series, which aired online simultaneously with the TV airings. In the taped introduction to Robbin’s audition, he strummed a guitar inside Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, strolled around Market Square, sat on the Prescott Park docks, and played an outdoor show at the Portsmouth Gas Light.

Robbins said he was proud to represent the Seacoast in his TV stint, and the show “fired up” his fan base.

“I’m going to try to funnel this energy and excitement into my new music that I’m recording,” he said. “It’s been a groundswell of support.”

“The Voice” also helped Robbins focus his artistry, he said. “I had people telling me what works, I got to see how I come off to a lot of people,” he said. “I got to see how I can shine, and things I need to work on. Definitely a good focusing of my artistry and my career. I feel more on the right path than ever.”

When asked what his future career aspirations are, Robbins said, “I don’t have to be famous, but just any amount of people that like my music, an audience that comes to shows. Having support. I want to be able to support myself as a musician.”

Robbins will play a show at 3S Artspace on Jan. 12, followed by a June 8 show at The Music Hall Loft. He’ll also be returning to the area from time to time to teach music lessons.

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