Attorney Jon Gale confers with a client in a courthouse in Portland in this BDN file photo. Credit: Jake Bleiberg | BDN

On October 29th, in the 11th hour of this very important campaign, the Bangor Daily News issued a story that included allegations about my personal life which weaves together some inaccuracies and partial truths about my employment at a local company 14 years ago.

What is true is that I have made several decisions in my personal life that I regret. I engaged in extramarital affairs. I have ultimately had to work through those decisions and their repercussions with my wife – who has forgiven me. I accept full responsibility for those decisions and actions.

However, those decisions did not involve my victimizing anyone, nor was I accused of victimizing anyone. Moreover, my decision to leave my employment was wholly unrelated to my personal life, or any human resources investigation. Whatever stories are being told have not been shared with me beyond third-party descriptions, and no identities have been shared with me, but their insinuations are ultimately misinformed, and are inaccurate.

Last year, I decided to run for Cumberland County District Attorney because I care about the safety and well-being of the people of this County, and I ran to ensure that every person is treated fairly. These last minute innuendos are anything but fair, and not how we should be treating people.

The support received today and into tonight has been non-stop. I have been encouraged and supported by people who are close to us and people we barely know.  The incredible extended family I share with my wife has been supportive as well.

But the toll this is taking on us is too intense to describe. The notion that our own party leadership has rejected us and encouraged people to vote for our opponent is unimaginable- that the largest segment of our battle now comes from the Democratic leadership is crushing.

Beyond that, and what matters most is the wellbeing of  my children and my wife. I’ve lived for a long time with decisions I’ve made, as have, unfortunately, my family. We have worked through a great deal together.  I’ve never run for office before, but when we decided to run a year ago we did not imagine those past decisions could possibly result in this scenario. Having discussed this at length amongst ourselves, and both of our kids, we have decided we cannot bear this stress.

It is with immense regret and a heavy heart that I decline to go forward with this process, and withdraw from this race.

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