The Maine Department of Transportation hopes a new left-turn light at the intersection of routes 1 and 220 in Waldoboro will resolve complaints about recent changes there. Credit: Alexander Violo | Lincoln County News

The Maine Department of Transportation has added turning lights at the intersection of routes 1 and 220 in Waldoboro in response to concerns about a new traffic pattern at the intersection.

Waldoboro Town Manager Julie Keizer said numerous drivers expressed confusion about the traffic pattern.

“I think between the town and the townspeople expressing concern, we were able to convince [the DOT] something had to be done,” Keizer said. The new lights, which include left-turn arrows, went up Oct. 22.

“I haven’t heard of any complaints since. It seems to have quieted down,” Keizer said.

During a meeting of the Waldoboro Board of Selectmen on Oct. 9, the selectmen discussed complaints about the busy intersection by Moody’s Diner.

“Repaving put a center turning lane in instead of just turning right or left. The reconfiguration caused a lot of confusion,” Keizer said.

Keizer visited the location with Waldoboro police Sgt. Jamie Wilson and Maine Department of Transportation Regional Traffic Engineer David Allen, who proposed adding traffic lines to improve traffic flow.

At the Oct. 9 meeting, Keizer said that if the traffic lines did not improve the situation, traffic lights would be the next step.