The York County Shelters Program food pantry distributed between 1,400 and 1,800 turkey dinners ahead of Thanksgiving. Credit: CBS 13

ALFRED, Maine — A York County food pantry distributed hundreds of meals to people in the community who need some help putting dinner on the table this Thanksgiving.

Volunteer Ron Robichaud handed out two turkeys Wednesday morning at the York County Shelters Program food pantry to go along with all the other fixings.

“I love serving the people that come in,” Robichaud said. “I call them ‘customers.’”

It was the third day of distributing Thanksgiving meals to those who need them, and there was something for everyone.

“Mac and cheese for the children that don’t like turkey,” said Michael Ouellette, the food pantry coordinator.

He said all of the food was from donations and fundraisers throughout the year, plus the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

There was enough food for as many as 1,800 baskets, Ouellette said. Anything left over will go to families at Christmas time, when another 700 to 900 baskets will be distributed.

“There’s a lot of food insecurity issues in Maine,” he said. “There’s a lot of hungry families.”

Ouellette said it’s important to make sure they get that traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

“It warms the heart and that’s what the holidays are all about, you know, helping out each other and taking care of everyone,” Ouellette said.

It’s not always easy, but it’s possible, thanks to the community and volunteers like Robichaud.

He said he’ll feel better on Thursday knowing so many families have a nice meal.

“Cause I’ll be with my family eating a good size meal,” he said.