The sun sets on the Portland skyline

It may not be a city of angels, but Portland is among the least sinful cities in the America.

Maine’s Forest City came in at 177 out of 182 in the personal finance website WalletHub’s ranking of America’s baddest cities. For the saintly, that makes Portland one of the least wicked in the land behind other northeastern cities like Burlington and South Burlington, Vermont.

No surprise: big cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York rank as the most sinful of them all.

Source: WalletHub

To determine the most sinful cities in America, WalletHub looked at seven markers — anger and hatred, jealousy, excesses and vices, greed, lust, vanity and laziness — and then used 37 metrics weighed per capita to rank the strength of the sins in each of the 182 cities.

So to find out how much each city indulges in excesses and vices, analysts looked at each city’s share of obese adults, coffee drinkers, smokers, marijuana users and drug overdose deaths, among others.

When it comes to Portland, it may just be its residents have no time to indulge their base appetites. Portland ranked 181 when it came to laziness, making it the second-hardest working city on WalletHub’s list, right after the saintly residents of South Burlington.

The factors counted under laziness included average weekly hours worked, volunteer rate, share of adults not exercising and average time spent watching TV every day.

Portland also ranked low on lust (179) and jealousy (168), and toward the middle of the pack when it comes to excesses and vices (111).

But no one among us is perfect, and even Portland has its vices — specifically anger (69) and greed (53).