Signs in the windows of the space that housed longtime Portland bar 3 Dollar Deweys claim the watering hole will reopen under new management.

An old Bruce Springsteen song says maybe everything that dies someday comes back.

That seems to be the case for one storied Portland bar.

On Tuesday, signs posted in the windows of 3 Dollar Deweys announced that the Commercial Street watering hole will be “returning soon” under new ownership and management.

It was not immediately clear who posted the signs or what’s in store for the bar. This summer, Deweys’ owners announced it would be closing after decades of operation that helped launch Maine’s vibrant craft beer scene.

The door of the Old Port tavern was locked Tuesday afternoon, and knocks and phone calls went unanswered. A call to the company that owns Deweys’ building, SLM Properties Inc., likewise received no response.

[Storied Old Port bar Three Dollar Deweys closes after nearly four decades in business]

The bar was opened originally by Alan Eames, once described as the “Indiana Jones of beer,” due to his globetrotting searches for diverse and obscure beers, according to his 2007 obituary in the New York Times.

In July, Deweys co-owner and manager, Donald Barry, told the Portland Press Herald that the bar had closed but declined to offer details. “We’re in a little bit of shock and everything,” he reportedly said.

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