Scallop meat is shucked at sea on opening day off Harpswell, Dec. 17, 2011. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty | AP

JONESPORT, Maine — Maine’s scallop draggers are getting started for the winter on the state’s eastern coast, where they hope to continue the industry’s steady growth.

The coastal state’s meaty scallops have enjoyed resurgence in recent years, as the 2017 harvest total was highest in two decades. Operators of scallop dragger boats can get started on the eastern coast Monday.

Draggers who harvest along the western coast can start Dec. 10. A more limited season in the Cobscook Bay area also gets started Monday. Cobscook Bay is regarded as the most fertile scalloping ground in the state and fishing there is subject to tight controls.

Some Maine fishermen harvest scallops by diving for them. That season began Nov. 20 on the western coast and Dec. 1 on the eastern coast and in the Cobscook Bay area.