Brunswick Animal Control Officer Heather Brown and Officer Kerry Wolongevicz wrangled two pet pigs outside a Church Road home late last month. Credit: Brunswick Police Department

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Brunswick Animal Control Officer Heather Brown was welcomed to town recently by two pet pigs known to their owner by the single name of “Bacon.”

Brown, who started in Brunswick on Nov. 5, was returning from a call with Officer Kerry Wolongevicz just two weeks later when a couple flagged them down just off Church Road and asked, “Are you guys looking for pigs?” Brown said Wednesday.

“We said, ‘Should we be?’” Brown said.

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Moments later, Brown and Wolongevicz found a Church Road resident standing in his front yard “talking to” two pigs about why they were not going where they were supposed to be, Brown said.

“We pulled in and I managed to get one with a slip leash, but it started bucking like a bull,” she said. “We ended up having to call maybe five officers to wrangle them.”

After about an hour, the owner arrived and told the officers that the pigs were pets and she would walk them home. She headed down Church Road with one hand leading a pig on a leash and the other holding a bread bag, calling, “Sooie, sooie,” Brown said.

“Halfway down that road, that pig decided he was done,” she said.

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Police took both pigs and their owner into custody and drove them home.

Brown said that, according to the owner, the pigs were not named.

“She just called them Bacon,” Brown said.