A variety of organic squashes available at the Tiller & Rye in Brewer on Dec. 10, 2018. Credit: Gabor Degre

Good morning. Temperatures will be in the high teens in northern Maine, and in the high-20s farther south.

Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

No one knows where this portrait of the Bangor man who was almost president came from

The Bangor Historical Society has acquired a portrait of a young Hannibal Hamlin, the Bangor resident who became a prominent anti-slavery advocate in the U.S. Senate and vice president during Abraham Lincoln’s first term. The thing is, no one knows who painted the portrait or when, precisely, it was painted. It’s on display at the Bangor Historical Society’s Thomas A. Hill House.

Maine’s deer hunting season is over — and it was a good one

Armed with information from its newly implemented digital big game online registration system, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reports that more than 32,000 deer were harvested in 2018. That’s the largest number since 2002, when the take topped 38,000 animals.

Why you may want to ditch your fancy snowshoes for wooden ones

Credit: Courtesy of Maine Guide Snowshoes

Nowadays, most people purchase snowshoes made of plastic and aluminum sold by big outdoor brands, such as Tubbs, Atlas, MSR and Chinook. But in Maine, traditional wooden snowshoes live on, thanks to a few craftspeople who believe that “new” doesn’t always mean better.

Portland wants to stop development along its waterfront, at least for a while

The city is proposing a 180-day moratorium on non-marine development in its Central Waterfront Zoning District after a group led by local fishermen began rallying support for a more permanent ban.

The fishermen’s group has argued that the proliferation of hotels, restaurants and offices along the waterfront has squeezed out uses like commercial fishing. But some area business and wharf owners said a requirement that all new projects be water-dependent would cut off revenue streams necessary to pay for pier maintenance.

The Portland City Council will discuss the moratorium on Dec. 17.

Another major baseball tournament is coming to Bangor

Credit: Micky Bedell

In 2016, Little League Baseball decided to move the Senior League World Series to South Carolina after 15 years in the Queen City. Next summer, Mansfield Stadium will again be the host for a big tournament, the Senior League Northeast Regional.

Bangor could get a Tradewinds convenience store, but some neighbors have reservations

A developer’s proposal to expand the Tradewinds convenience store chain to Bangor has some neighbors around the store’s would-be site concerned. Tradewinds owner Chuck Lawrence would replace a Tom T convenience store with a larger Tradewinds store with additional parking.

Are you allergic to your Christmas tree?

Credit: Eric Risberg | AP

You may have noticed that when the yuletide season rolls around, so do heightened allergy symptoms: sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, even exacerbated asthma. Hate to break it to you, but it is possible that your Christmas tree is to blame.

Two more Maine communities are lining up against plastic bags and Styrofoam

Rockland’s ban on single-use plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers begins Jan. 1. Residents and shoppers in Camden will have until April to prepare for a similar ban. In Rockland, eight businesses and organizations have pitched in to purchase 5,000 reusable shopping bags to help ease any anxiety caused by the ban.

Do this: Hike the Richardson Tract in Orrington

Credit: Courtesy of Derek Runnells

The Olin Richardson Tract Public Access Area is a 160-acre preserve in Orrington that features just over 2 miles of easy to moderate trails that travel through fields and forestland, across brooks and over small hills. More commonly known as the Richardson Tract, this town-owned property is maintained by the Orrington Conservation Commission for the benefit of wildlife and for public recreation.

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