Former professor Susan Feiner.

A Maine professors’ union says the University of Southern Maine’s decision to enact tighter controls on pop-up courses will penalize students.

[USM tightens control of pop-up courses after Collins protest]

The university is instituting the controls over pop-up courses following a course that proposed giving students credit for protesting against Republican Sen. Susan Collins. One of the changes is that funding for pop-up courses will only come from internal sources, and not grants.

That move meant terminating a subcontract with the Associated Faculties of the Universities of Maine related to grant funding for pop-up courses. The union said in a statement Tuesday that the union would have preferred the issue “could have been resolved without the elimination of a program that was clearly popular with our students.”

[University of Maine System bans professor who planned Kavanaugh protest course]

The retired professor who offered the Collins course has been barred from teaching at USM.