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“Use what you have,” my mother tells me. It’s November, a day or two after Thanksgiving, and she’s recounting advice given to her by a friend. The woman, an elderly widow who teaches painting to a group of neighborhood women, had been talking about a set of crystal champagne goblets that sit in a box in my china cabinet.

It could have easily been said about so many things though.

I save the serving pieces for special occasions that don’t seem to come often enough. The Christmas-themed mugs and dessert plates I keep carefully boxed for those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. The special goblets I reserve for mousse, on those rare occasions I make it.

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Why don’t we use these things?

The practice of saving some items “for best” is, in fact, a horribly wasteful one. It means I have whole shelves of items I do little more than look at. There seems much wisdom in the advice my mother relayed to me. So I am counting this among my resolutions for this year: I will, indeed, use what I have.

Maybe I will even sip orange juice from those champagne goblets, since I won’t be upping my champagne intake.

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I do hope you adore Bangor Metro. Have a wonderful day!

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Sarah Walker Caron

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