A marijuana plant at a commercial grow in Oregon. Credit: Don Ryan | AP

South Portland could soon be home to the area’s largest recreational marijuana store, according to city officials.

The South Portland Planning Board met Wednesday night to unanimously approve the city’s first recreational marijuana facility.

The proposal is for the company “Seaweed,” which will build a 3,200 square-foot facility off of Running Hill Road, close to the Maine Mall.

The proposal passed with eight conditions attached to it, including an unexpected one.

One planning board member initially held up the vote, saying that she was worried about an ancient burial ground near the proposed site.

The proposal passed on the conditions that the business get a state license and provide a plaque for a possible ancient burial site.

Project runners say they are still excited about the project and say they chose South Portland for its progressive city rules.

“We came to South Portland because they were forward thinking and were the first town or city to come up with ordinances,” Scott Howard of Seaweed said. “They were great to work with, we’ve been working on this plan for a while, and we have a great product.”

In terms of community reaction, planning board members say they haven’t received much feedback from the community, which they take as a sign that people must approve of it or not care.