Government is not a business

It’s well past time for Americans to put grownups in charge of our state and federal governments. I think we’ve made a start in Maine with the most recent elections. But first, let’s put the “government should be run like a business” fallacy to rest.

A business can go bankrupt and shut its doors forever. A government also can go bankrupt, but it can’t fail in the long term. A government’s role is not to make a profit, like a private business, but to provide services for all its citizens and care and assistance to the least among us.

As others have said and written, if adults don’t take possession of the White House and Congress in 20220, the country and all its citizens could be in for a rough journey. It’s also time to return the current administration to his fantasy land where he can do less harm.

Donald C. Grant

Mount Chase

Wall fundraising ideas

Some Republicans are trying to extort $5 billion from taxpayers to build a “wall” along the Mexican border. They should pay for it themselves.

Sell a lottery to build the wall. Sell “adopt a mile” for the border, put up a fence with billboards, lights and logos. Make the border a destination attraction, vacation in the desert. Las Vegas did it! This is the place for wall nuts. Trump Towers every mile. KFC, golden arches in between. Drive-in movie from “off the wall” productions.

Collect cans like the Boy Scouts, call them the “boy scotus” club. Sell timeshares for people to act like “border patrol agents; this would be a big draw. Paint murals and auction them for great sums of money. Finally, end the Drug War and stop the massacre and thus the refugees. The war has raged since 1971. End the war and decriminalize all drugs, and the wall will not be needed.

End the madness.

Patrick Quinn


Golden supports Pelosi agenda

I was optimistic when I saw that Rep. Jared Golden fulfilled his campaign promise and didn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. However, that hope quickly dissolved when Golden voted in favor of a new rule’s package that gives Pelosi even more power.

It’s clear to me that Golden supports Pelosi; he just doesn’t want Mainers to know it. Golden did just enough to fulfill his campaign promise but not enough to make any real change. It’s clear that Golden traded this second vote to Pelosi’s hoping she would place him on a decent committee assignment and then use that assignment to fundraise for his 2020 election.

Golden should remember that neither he nor Hillary Clinton got a true majority of votes in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Second District voters are smart and conservative. Golden going through the motions and trying to fool us won’t be enough for his race in 2020.

Michael Capeci


Early education a good investment

I agree completely with the Dec. 25 BDN OpEd by Penquis Chief Operating Officer Heidi LeBlanc and retired Major General Nelson Durgin. The authors clearly understand that Maine needs to improve its early childhood education system for very important health, economic, and military readiness reasons.

As a police chief, I’d like to add that it is also clear that Maine would benefit significantly from getting more kids into programs like pre-K and Head Start. Research supports what we in the law enforcement community already know to be true. Kids who participate in high-quality early learning programs are more likely to stay in school, graduate from high school on time and avoid a life of crime.

Making sure more Maine kids have a strong start through high-quality early childhood education is worth it. The resulting improvements will lead to safer communities with more successful kids and adults here in our great state.

I hope Maine’s new governor and members of the Legislature take action to expand high-quality early childhood education.

Scott Wilcox

Chief of Police

Old Town

Walls don’t work

We have a president who is insisting on building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. Apparently, Donald Trump missed out on a lot of his history lessons.

The fact is that walls don’t work. The Great Wall of China didn’t work. The Mongol Hordes went over, under, and around it. The Hadrian Wall in Northern England didn’t work. The Picts and Scots went over, under, and around the thing. The Berlin Wall was eventually torn down. Pieces of it were sold. Remember when President Donald Reagan stated, while standing near it: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

The Siegfried Line and Maginot Line suffered the same fate. Those who don’t agree with these facts can go back and check them out.

Trump threw a temper tantrum and shut down the government. Some say this shutdown could be the longest in U.S. history. Mexico isn’t paying for the useless thing. Now he wants to use our hard earned tax dollars for it. The good news is that it ain’t going to happen!

Kenneth P. Nelson

Fort Fairfield

End abortion

A young man from Texas named Jeremiah Thomas passed away from cancer in August at the age of 16. After he was diagnosed, he was contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jeremiah’s wish was to speak to Gov. Greg Abbott of the state of Texas to abolish abortion in his state. Abbott called Jeremiah and told him that they would be pursuing this in the next legislative session and that his wish had been granted.

Jeremiah never saw the abolition of abortion in his lifetime, but now his family and other Christians from around the country are striving to make Jeremiah’s wish a reality in our lifetime.

Every day in our country more than 1,500 unborn children created in the image of God are murdered by abortion. This must be stopped.

Join us as we carry on Jeremiah’s wish, sign the petition for Abbott to keep his promise to Jeremiah that he would make the abolition of abortion an emergency item in this next legislative session, that those who murder the unborn would be brought to justice. And that the murder of the unborn would be ended immediately, once and for all.

Virginia Cowperthwaite