A city surveillance camera caught a startling image of a meteor streaking across the night sky in Ellsworth this week.

The image is likely that of a fireball that was reported by observers in the Southwest Harbor area on the American Meteor Society website on Wednesday. Jason Ingalls, the city’s IT systems administrator, said he might not have downloaded the 13-second video from Ellsworth Harbor Park and Marina if not for several Facebook reports of it being seen in Hancock County.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” Ingalls said. “We had caught one a few years ago, but we weren’t able to download it. You would see it come into the frame and the video would lock up, but this time we got a good image.”

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“This is probably one of the neatest things I have found on one of our cameras,” he said. “When I heard there was a meteor, I knew that the camera had a good shot of the sky, so I looked at it.”

Available on the marina’s Facebook page, the video had about 9,500 views as of Friday night.

The cameras were installed at the marina about four years ago, Harbormaster Adam Wilson said. Generally, they capture your garden variety security camera footage.

“You see a lot of people go down there [on camera] chasing a cat or a dog, but that’s nothing you wouldn’t see on an outside security system,” Wilson said.