Skowhegan Millers?

If Skowhegan is the name European-Americans adopted from what Native Americans called a place for watching and spearing fish in the Kennebec River, then it is sad (or worse) to note that such fish are now dammed downstream and rarely seen that far up the river.

Considering Skowhegan’s heritage of mills along the falls, the resilience of Sappi paper mill, and the forward-looking vision of milling locally sourced grains — MSAD 54 may want to consider retiring the “Skowhegan Indians” as the team name and updating it to “Millers.”

If they needed an aggressive adrenaline rush, their mascot and logo could overpower, outlast and grind opponents to dust. Their teams would join other proud Maine occupations (e.g. Lumberjacks, Shipbuilders, Yachtsmen) and only two other “Miller” high school teams listed on the net.

Obviously, it is ironic that past mills contributed to the loss of fish. However, the Kennebec River has recently improved and can continue to do so with collaboration on water quality between corporations, Maine and the Wabanaki; relationships reflected in the mutual respect potentially involved in a mascot name update.

Mark Rains


LePage improved state finances

Whether you supported him or not, the fact is that when Gov. Paul LePage took office the state owed several billion to state employee pension funds and had hundreds of millions in unpaid bills to state hospitals, not to mention one of the higher tax rates in the country.

When LePage left office, the pension funds and hospital debts had been paid, taxes cut and the state was running record budget surpluses. In short, LePage left office with the state’s finances in much better shape then what he inherited from previous administrations.

Timothy Grant


Serve the people, not yourself

As the executive office of our federal government descends into further chaos and abject dereliction of duty, the words of Rep. Jared Golden, newly elected congressman to the 116th Congress from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District elegantly states the issue. He writes in a letter to supporters that during his campaign: “I often told a story from my time in the Marines. In short, when it was time to eat, the highest-ranked individuals were last in line. The lesson was simple but important — leadership is not about being served.”

As the embattled commander-in-chief hunkers down in the White House amid reports of possible obstruction of justice and increasing cries of impeachment, he could do no better than to meditate on this golden rule: “Leadership is not about being served.”

Robert Lyons


Focus on other ways to stop illegal drugs

The cure at the southern border is to identify the problem first. The No. 1 problem is illegal drugs. The greatest percentage of illegal drugs cross the border is by legal points of entry. We need more inspectors and electronic equipment to get this under control. Another popular way is through tunnels. The third way of drug transport are boats, airplanes and now drones.

These three means of moving drugs should have our utmost attention. I don’t believe that women carrying babies and a bottle of water are major drug runners. Take the emphasis off them and put it where it belongs. No thanks to the wall at this time.

Doug Pooler